Electrical Transmission & Distribution


There are approximately 240,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines in the USA and millions of miles of distribution lines carrying electricity to homes, schools and commercial and industrial businesses. Electrical power line infrastructure surrounds the more than 4.1 million miles of roads, highways and bridges, as well as commercial, industrial non-residential and residential buildings across America. 

While under construction, electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure requires safe work zones.  Existing infrastructure requires ongoing maintenance as a critical necessity to ensure safety is sustained.

FC Traffic Control’s priority objective is to provide traffic control services that ensure safety, compliance and work zone risk management solutions that protect workers, motorists and pedestrians when construction is being performed around electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure.

We work with large energy delivery companies and contractors who are engaged in the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure – performing new infrastructure construction and/or reconstruction, rehabilitation and repairs of existing infrastructure. 

Types of Electrical Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure New/Rehabilitation/Repair Construction Near Roadways and in Construction Zones

  • Distribution, Transmission & Substation Construction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Line Construction, Rebuilding & Safety Training
  • Line, Pole Maintenance & Inspection
  • Installation of Overhead Power Lines & Underground Buried Cable
  • Overhead & Underground Construction & Maintenance; Boring & Excavation

Work Zone Traffic Control Services Required 

  • Safety Compliance
  • Traffic Control Design
  • Single-Lane Closures
  • Shoulder Closures
  • Slow Roll
  • Flagging Operations
  • Emergency Response
  • Road Closures

“Our objective is to deliver electric companies and general contractors Work Zone Peace-of-Mind 24/7/365”