Work Zone





FC Traffic Control offers traffic control engineering design, planning and a comprehensive offering of work zone equipment and services to meet a wide array of customer needs. We prioritize work zone safety and compliance to deliver crews and roadway users peace-of-mind. You can count on us 24/7/365.



Safety & Compliance

Our in-house team of experienced engineers and compliance experts make sure your projects conform to all applicable laws and regulations in ways that are efficient and cost-effective.

Training & Certification

To ensure that work crews and roadway users are operating in safe work zones, we offer training and certification programs based on best practices developed by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).

Traffic Control

We provide turnkey traffic control services and solutions to general contractors and government agencies engaged in new construction, rehabilitation, repair and maintenance of infrastructure – with unwavering commitment to safety and compliance. 

Traffic Control Design

We use our engineering and planning expertise to help you optimize traffic flow, as well as crew and roadway user safety. Our combination of experience and knowledge reflects the best practices in traffic control design.

Lane Closure

Our certified traffic control engineers provide Lane Closure Services that assist customers in optimizing planning, installation, traffic flow management and removal of equipment and devices – all with the objective of keeping crews and roadway users safe.

Flagging Operations

We install flagging operations that maximize work zone protection in alternating one-way travel situations where safety and compliance are a critical necessity – optimizing traffic while protecting crews, motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Slow Roll

We provide experienced slow roll crews to slowdown or stop traffic as a means of creating temporary traffic control – enabling construction activities to be safely performed along roadways, controlled access highways and freeways.

Shoulder Closure

We leverage our expert knowledge of traffic control to provide lane closure services – ensuring adherence to work zone best practices and to applicable laws and regulations – always with the objective of crew and roadway user safety.

Special Events

To ensure smooth traffic control at events, we work with Municipalities to provide turnkey services for special events, including pre-event design and planning, at-event equipment and services and post-event de-briefings to drive continuous improvement.

Pavement Marking

Our team provides high quality pavement marking services, applied with the latest equipment.  We leverage our expertise to ensure conformance to all manufacturer standards and government agency requirements.

Work Zone Signage

Signage is a vital necessity, providing advance warning to roadway users and protection to crews operating in work zones. We offer an array of high-quality traffic control signs that conform with all laws governing the roadway control industry. 

Emergency & Natural Disaster Response

Emergency situations can arise where traffic control is required without advance warning. FC Traffic Control has the experience and knowledge to mobilize safe, compliant, high-quality traffic control in difficult situations – quickly and efficiently.